EICMA 2021 - Milan


RME Special Parts at EICMA 2021 from 25 to 28 November - Pavillion 22 - Stand M36   LINK

CLEPA Award 2020


#CLEPAaward2020 The prize for SME in the "Environment" cathegory goes ex aequo to Robby Moto Engineering for RES (Range Extender System).

Open Innovative PMI 2019


Robby Moto 3rd classified at the Open Innovative PMI (SME) 2019 prize organized by Grant Thornton at the CNEL head quarters in Rome, in the "Women Enterpreneurs" category.

SEAL OF EXCELLENCE for the TEPS Avio engine - Twin Engine Pack System


SEAL OF EXCELLENCE by the European Commission in phase 1 "SME Instrument" of HORIZON 2020.

Robby Moto Engineering in USA at AIM EXPO 2019 - Italian Pavillion


RME Special Parts in Ohio (USA) at AIM EXPO 2019 from 26 to 29 September - Italian Pavillion :   LINK



The work carried out by our operators provides that, on some models of supersport bikes more common, it is possible to work the base radius of the cam change the timing diagram. 
Basically you play a more performing on the cam profile and the original material removed is compensated by increasing the tablets log valve.Course will be provided the data corresponding to the quantity of material removed to facilitate the registration of new tappets. 
The proposed profiles are the result of studies carried out by engineers on the camshafts and twenty years of experience gained in competitions.



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